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An important part of my therapy with clients is promoting a state of kind-hearted internal awareness. This means I will guide you to turn your attention inward as we sit together, so you can tune in to sensations, emotions, images, impulses, movements, thoughts, or energy. By directly observing some of these with a non-judgmental and curious stance, we can get more closely acquainted with your inner workings. Ultimately, this leads to deeper self-knowledge and self-acceptance, and cultivates courage and freedom in life.

As humans, we naturally create habits, patterns,

and beliefs for ourselves. These are important

for functioning at different phases in our lives.  However, we find that some of these strategies need updating over time.


We sometimes know we would like to change a pattern, but it persists because it's not fully under our conscious control. We tend to feel bad about not changing. In therapy we can access deeper levels of understanding and befriend our strategies, leading to self-compassion and the ability to make more integrated choices.


"Mindfulness is the willingness and capacity to be equally present with all events and experience with discernment, curiosity, and kindness."

Christina Feldman

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